Microsoft Product Key

A product key is also known software key and is a software-based key for a PC program. It confirms the copy of the software is original. Moreover, activation is done offline by entering the key. Online activation helps in preventing the multiple people using the same key. It is not essential for software to use a product key, as some of the publishers may use other methods to protect their copyright. It consists of a series of letters or series which is entered during the installation of software in the computer.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft office is an office suite of servers, services and applications which is developed by Microsoft. The very first version of MS Office contained Microsoft word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel. Over the years, there are many other versions of Microsoft are introduced.

How to install key for Microsoft Office 2010:

If you want to activate the Product key for Microsoft office 2010, then you need to follow these below-mentioned steps.

You can install the beta copy of Microsoft Office 2010 by putting your product key and following the below-mentioned instructions.

Step 1: Tap the Change product Key Option.

Step 2: Enter the product key from the top of the page and click “Continue.” On the next dialog box, tap “Install Now” to install the product key. Now a progress bar page will appear on the screen and then a dialog box saying configuration has been successfully done. tap “Close.”

Step 3: Close and start again the application and follow the given directions on the screen to complete the activation process. At last, restart you PC once again and click File tab and check your activated status.

How to activate MS Office 2007:

When you open Office 2007 program for the first time after the installation, you are encouraged to type you product key.

  1. Click file and go to Help option and then select ‘Activate product key.’

If you don’t see an Activate product key option, then note that your software is activated already and you don’t need to do anything after that.

  1. After that pursue the steps in the Activation wizard.

How to activate Microsoft Office 2016 or Office 2013

  1. On Windows 10 or Windows 8.1, select start.
  2. Now, scroll down via your apps and pick Microsoft Office – the tile with the Office logo.
  3. One Window will appear, tap Activate.
  4. You can select one of the below-mentioned points

activate key for Microsoft Office 2016

  • If it asked you to sign in with your Microsoft account that means your system do not need a product key. Now continue to another step below and enter your Microsoft account.


  • If it asked you to put a product key that means a key were incorporated with your purchase. You can check it on your Certificate of Authenticity. If you cannot get the product key, contact your reseller. This product key is of 25 letters and number and it is look like this : XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.

You need to enter the key in the space which is provided to you.

5. Now, login with your Microsoft account to activate the office product which came with your device.

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